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Thursday, September 14 2023

Your liver is your most important "soldier" in the fight against mold exposure. 

 Liver toxicity is an injury to the liver or impairment of the liver function caused by exposure to xenobiotics such as drugs, food additives, alcohol, chlorinated solvents in drinking water, peroxidized fatty acids, fungal toxins, radioactive isotopes, environmental toxicants, and even some medicinal plants


Here are my top 15 practical ways to support your liver and keep your liver detoxified to more easily handle getting rid of mold toxins.

  1. Intermittent fasting - from 6pm to 10am and only drink water or herbal teas during the hours of 6pm-10am.  Break your fast in at 10am with a protein-rich and good fat breakfast.  Good meal times are: 10am, 2pm and 5:30-6pm.
  2. Completely change your diet.
    • Avoid inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, sugar, processed seed oils and any foods that your body has a reaction to. 
    • Raw Juicing: The liver needs living enzymes, vitamin C, natural antibiotic substances, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-cancer phyto-nutrients. Raw juicing is another way to gain the benefits from these foods. has great juicing recipes that are safe for a mold diet.
    • Consume more Vitamin K – green leafy vegetables and alfalfa sprouts.
    • Consume more Arginine – this helps the liver to detoxify excessive ammonia. Arginine is found in walnuts and seeds.
    • Manganese - this helps the liver to detoxify excessive ammonia from the liver.  these would be approved foods on the PhazeMoldDiet like: blackberries, Blueberries, Clove Spice, Pecans, Spinach,
    • Antioxidants – found in fresh raw juices such as carrot, celery, dandelion, (green) apple and green drinks from chorella and spirulina, and fresh citrus juice from lemons and limes. Try this Mold Detox Juicing Recipe
    • Seleniumsources of the antioxidant selenium are kelp, garlic and onions.
    • Methionine – is essential for detoxification. Is found in eggs, fish, garlic, onions, seeds and red meat.
    • Essential fatty acids – Seafood, cod liver oil, and fish oil. Seafood needs to always be fresh such as sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, trout, mullet, calamari, herring, blue eye cod. Fresh avocado, fresh organic raw nuts like almonds, walnuts and pecans and seeds, green vegetables such as spinach, green beans, eggplant, cold pressed fresh vegetable and seed oils, freshly ground seeds, especially flax seeds (linseed), evening primrose oil, black-currant seed oil, star flower oil. Essential fatty acids are required for healthy membranes in every cell of the body and plentiful amounts are required for healthy liver function. This is why strict low-fat diets are not beneficial for general health, weight control or liver detoxing function.
    • Natural sulphur compoundsFound in eggs (pastured eggs only), garlic, onions, leeks, shallots and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
  3. Get your bowel movements moving at least one a day if not twice (constipation causes mold toxins to recycle which is  huge stress on the liver) 
  4. Eat good fats and proteins early in the evening (dinner at 5-6pm) and avoid eating or snacking after 6pm.
  5. Remove non-life sustaining pharmaceutical drugs, smoking, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine (except for green tea)
  6. Eat 30 grams of fiber per day  that is approved on the - my favorite are 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed per day (this helps dump the estrogen created by exposure to mold) Mangos, Green Apples, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans (small amounts of nuts are approved).  And LOTS of vegetables!
  7. Incorporate the bitter foods into your Phaze Mold Diet - such as arugula, parsley, radishes, dandelion leaf; loose leaf herbal teas made from dandelion root, burdock root, turmeric, fennel, and ginger.  Or simply buy and add in digestive bitter tinctures into your smoothies, teas, soups or water. You can find digestive bitters here.
  8. Add digestive enzymes before meals (This will also get your bowel movements more regular.  I use "Silver Fern Brand" digestive enzymes. 
  9. Add NAC, the precursor for glutathione (the master detoxifier) - 900mg/day 
  10. Add in liver detoxifying herbs like milk thistle, andrographis, gentian root

    One of the best herbs you can get for detoxing that liver and opening up those pathways from the liver is to take "Milk Thistle".  As I have mentioned before I prefer the NOW brands in my recovery so I use the Silymarin which is actually 2 times the Milk Thistle and has added artichoke and dandelion root which are also great liver detoxifiers. You can buy it HERE 

    (CAUTION for Pyrrolurics and the use of Milk Thistle): Most often Milk Thistle is a good herb for detoxing the liver, however if you are positive for pyroluria more than likely you are also copper toxic. Milk Thistle has high concentrations of copper which can make Pyroluria symptoms worse. So if you are pyroluric DO NOT use Milk Thistle to cleanse the liver."
  11. Start your day off with a hot mug of filtered water and a squeeze of organic lemon juice from a lemon.  This detoxifies the liver firs thing in the morning.
  12. Calcium D Glucarate - Is an excellent assistant in the detoxification pathways for the liver.  I take about 1000mg-1500mg per day to detox dirty estrogens caused by environmental toxins and mold. You can search online for the best brand that is right for you.
  13. Get a water filter that filters out the majority of contaminants in your water that cause liver toxicity.  Not all water pitchers or water filters filter out everything.  Good water filters include: Berkey Systems, Auquasana, Aquatru
  14. Grow your own Broccoli Sprouts - Broccoli Sprouts have been shown in studies to clean and detoxify the liver.  If you have access to a whole foods or other natural food store that sells fresh broccoli sprouts, these are a great addition to your diet to help facilitate the cleansing of the liver.  If you want to save money, they are also very easy to grow.  I grow my own broccoli sprouts from home every week.  You can purchase broccoli sprouting kits on Amazon and there are plenty of "how to videos" on YouTube instructing you on how to grow your own broccoli sprouts.  I grow my own every 5 days from home!!
  15. Do your liver a favor and give it a "Coffee Enema" - If you want to get rid of mold toxins, have better digestion, get back your energy and a healthier liver, this is the best procedure you can invest your time in. This is by far a superior process for cleaning up the filtering processes of the body. 
    • Benefits of a coffee enema:
      • Enhances the liver enzyme, glutathione, which removes many toxins, including toxic mold from the blood
      • Dilutes and increases bile flow (Which is needed to transport mold toxins from the body)
      • Coffee enemas also help eliminate bacteria’s and candida in the colon. 
      • Reduces inflammation of the gut caused by Candida, poor diet and mold exposure
      • Coffee enemas are used as part of the Gerson Therapy cancer cure protocols. (which in an of itself is amazing to know).
      • Warnings: You should always seek the advice of your physician before taking coffee enemas.   Coffee enemas are not for everyone, but many people have had good results.  If you have issues with low potassium, or electrolytes please contact your doctor before doing them

 To find out who can and who cannot use coffee enemas. Make sure you have plenty of electrolytes and nutrition right before you do an enema. (coconut water, fresh juicing, himalayan salt in fresh filtered water, proteins, leafy greens also). Another contraindication reported is for people with heart or kidney ailments, as enemas can cause an electrolytic imbalance. BUY THE GERSON THERAPY BOOK HERE

HERE's what you'll need
Non-Toxic Stainless Steel Enema Kit
Why stainless and not rubber?  First off, many of the rubber or plastic enema kits are completely toxic in and of themselves.  If you have been exposed to mold, most-likely you will have developed MCS or (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities).  The rubber or plastic ones have such an awful odor that it could put you in a tail spin with MCS. Check online for good quality kits that are safe.

Organic Enema Coffee (Do not use standard drinking coffee) Specially formulated enema coffee is high in cafestol and palmitic acid which is needed to open the liver bile ducts. It is a very “clean” organic air roasted coffee and is not the same quality as store purchased coffees.

Most enema coffees are tested for mold or fungus They look to buy and sell specialty grade coffee. Mold or fungus damage on green coffee beans is considered a category 1 defect that would prevent it from being considered specialty grade in use for enemas.  Currently there has been a widespread growth of fungus found on lesser grade coffee beans.  You can buy specially formulated organic enema coffees HERE  Good brands are (Cafe Mam [the only coffee recommended in Gerson therapy book], PureLife, Core-Vital, Aussie Health, Premium Enema)

I hope you find this article easy to follow and I encourage you to detox your liver better as you move through this mold journey in your life.


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