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Are you looking for a mold diet to follow?

Mold Exposure & Nutrition

People who have been exposed to toxic mold have impaired digestion. Improving their digestion improves their nutritional status and also improves their detoxification abilities. Mold also affects a persons short-term memory and executive function. This presents a challenge when it comes to convincing people to improve their nutritional status and detoxification.  I've created a new website that offers a complete 12-month mold diet to follow that helps you heal much faster!!!

Surviving Toxic Mold now has it's own diet plan program!!


PhazeMoldDiet is an 8 - 12 month Strict Detoxification Diet
(*Individual results will vary - participants see better results by sticking to all 8 phazes)

(Cheating or quitting during the Phaze Mold Diet  hinders someone from healing in a proper time frame and can result in continued mold growth in the body and prolonged mold sickness)


Phaze 1: Sugar Weaning

Phaze 2: Gluten & Grain weaning

Phaze 3: Learning about Moldy & High Histamine Foods

Phaze 4: Strict Detox 

Phaze 5: Immune System Rebuild

Phaze 6: Safe Fructose/Glucose Re-Introduction

Phaze 7: Safe Grain Re-introduction

Phaze 8: Whole Food Living