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Mold Exposure & Nutrition

People who have been exposed to toxic mold have impaired digestion. Improving their digestion improves their nutritional status and also improves their detoxification abilities. Mold also affects a persons short-term memory and executive function. This presents a challenge when it comes to convincing people to improve their nutritional status and detoxification.  I've created a nutritional portion of my site that tries to explain and offers pre-made recipes and food buying guides to grasp the concepts and then being able to implement the required changes so that healing is easier.


I have recently launched the world's "FIRST" mold detoxification diet.  In 2014 I came up with "Mold Detox Diet" which was the foundation of most mold diets from 2014-2020, but I decided to take it to the ultimate level by giving individuals the "true secret" to using foods to Remove, Rebuild and Re-Introduce, so they can use the powerful benefits of foods to assist in the process of detoxifying the body from a toxic mold exposure in their environment.

People from around the world are joining PhazeMoldDiet as a tool to compliment their treatment plan OR just rid their body of harmful yeasts and fungus.

To subscribe to our 12-month program at just $20 a month, visit our website today and sign up, read the Phaze guides, plan your meals, go shopping, cook amazing dishes and eat your way to feeling better!!


Balance of Nature

Is mold making you sick?  Put the effects of Toxic Mold behind you!!

Do you think you might have mold in your home, place of business or school? Are you or someone you love suffering from an unknown illness that doctors can't diagnose?  Is mold making you sick? Go to our Step by Step and start Surviving Toxic Mold.