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About Surviving Toxic Mold

Surviving Toxic Mold was founded and originally created by Jennifer Cannon in 2013.  Jennifer is a mother of two awesome kids and her and her children were severely affected by toxic mold from 2010-2012.  You can read her story here.  Jennifer thanks God everyday that her two children escaped any life-altering illnesses but Jennifer was not so lucky. 

Jennifer wanted to make sure that she found a way to warn others about this devastating mold that can ruin lives, fiinances and the health of every person you love.  This website focuses on Prevention, Awareness, Identifying, Cleanup & Remediation, Illness, Treatments and Healthy Living Practices for those affected by toxic mold.

Jennifer strongly believes that mold victims need this information and affordable tools to help get through this time in their life.  Although it is unknown exactly how many people die each year from inhaling these spores we know that it is an alarming number.  It could be in the hundreds of thousands each year: Read more here about some of the history

The most important lesson to learn is that mold effects every single person in a different way....and that there is not ONE protocol that fits every person. Surviving Toxic Mold is about educating yourself on 20  "NATURAL" ways to achieve Homeostasis or "True health & healing"

One thing Jennifer vowed not to do was to take any "Pharmaceutical Drugs" and so far....she only had to take one...but it was before she knew anything about what was going on with her. After that....she used complete holistic methods...and followed anyone using holistic methods.

Out of 6 people that she met who "had their life back"...not one of them took drugs to heal. So she then knew...drugs were NOT the answer to Surviving TOXIC Mold.

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We welcome sponsorships from "mold-specific" products and services that "HELP" mold victims, not bankrupt them.  If you offer a product or service that can definitely help someone please consider advertising/sponsoring on our site.  This site is supported by our advertisers and sponsors.  Without you....we cannot offer this free information and help to those suffering from mold loss and illness.