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Could Toxic Mold be the missing piece of your Fibromyalgia puzzle?

Right about now you are probably thinking..."This is nuts so I'm moving on", but before you go anywhere I'd like to share some astonishing facts, new discoveries and stories from people just like you who thought that Fibromyalgia was a lifetime diagnosis of:
"We're just not sure why you are sick and in pain".

Some of you have had a recent slew of symptoms and an agonizing diagnosis of Fibromyalgia given to you by your "Western Medical" doctor or health team.  Some of you have been dealing with this agony for years and years with no difinitive answers other than "we just don't know".  So tell me, if someone told you that something in your environment could be the cause of a large percentage of your Fibromyalgia diagnosis would you take the time to explore it as an option?  Even if all of your doctors called you nuts?  Then walk with me on this journey of "Could Toxic Mold be the cause of my widespread pain, chronic fatigue and illness".

My Story
5 years ago I was struck by a sudden illness that started with severe anxiety attacks, widespread pain, chronic fatigue, gut issues, nervousness and well over 50 other symptoms that no "Western Medical Doctor" could

Stories of others who found out "Toxic Mold" was the cause of their Fibromyalgia diagnosis
One story in particular that I am keen to is Sher.  After dealing with mold illness for 5 years I ran into Sher as we both had a toxic mold group on facebook where we were helping others find the fungus link to their unexplained symptoms.  Sher's story is probably like many of your's in that she was run through the rat race of "Western Medicine" only to find out that her "fake diagnosis" had an environmental twist to it.  Like you, Sher was suffering deeply and was just longing for the "truth".  When she felt she was at her worst a friend suggested she see a specialist...someone who knew about infectious diseases and environmental toxins.  She decided to take the plunge and go see him.  This was the pivotal moment in her life as she would never again see Fibromyalgia as some "mysterious" disease with no known cause....she found the cause and now she is on her path to healing and victory over something that today's medicine calls "a lifelong disease".  You can read Sher's full story here as I hope it brings you encouragement. My Black Mold Illness: "It's not Fibromyalgia...told you so!!"