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Professional Mold Testing by and Expert

If you suspect that your home has a moisture/mold problem don't hesitate to take action and get your home tested now so that you know exactly what "TYPE" of mold it is.  Putting it off and waiting is dangerous for the health of your family and pets.  

After being involved in the toxic mold industry now since my 2010 catastrophy, I've learned almost everything there is to know about mold testing, I'm pretty much an expert now at knowing what kind of tests need to be run to "REALLY' determine the full picture of any indoor environment.  Most people think just running an air test in one room or getting some mold kit and laying out a bunch of petri dishes will be fine but actuality, "it's not" ok nor is it safe to rely on methods that (DON'T SHOW TOXIC MOLDS).  There is a complete science to understanding what floats in the air versus what's clinging to dust particles on the ground or in carpet fibers as well as how water-prone areas can be more toxic than other areas.  I can't tell you how many people DON'T TEST THEIR HOME CORRECTLY and waste hundreds of dollars and risk the progression of toxic mold illness as a result of botched or inadequate testing. 

Sign up today for consulting.  Included in consulting, I will help you find the most qualified mold tester in your area and help guide you on the exact tests they need to run. 

Through this process I know hundreds of expert mold testing professionals.   These mold testing professionals in the US are aware of the dangers of environmental illness and the role that testing has in helping victims heal from this tragic exposure. 

If you are serious about testing your home "RIGHT" the first time sign up for private consulting at: 


How much does Mold Testing

(by an "Environmental Illness-trained expert") cost? 

Thorough Inspection: Will be between $150-$300 depending on the size of the home or if there are hard to reach attic or crawl space areas. 
Air Testing: Will be between $200-$300 (for one outside/control sample and one inside room sample).  Most additional room samples cost between $75 - $150 each additional room. 
Swab/Tape samples - Each small area physical samples will be $75 - $150 per sample (This is for visible mold colonies you are concerned about)
ERMI Test - ERMI tests (Done yourself) cost about $275, however most people do not collect the samples correctly.  If you want your expert technician to do it for you it will cost an additional $100-$150. 

This 4 methods will tell you "everything" you need to know about the possible mold in your home.