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Having a home that has Toxic Mold is not a problem you want to have as it will be not only expensive to fix but can destroy your health as well.  Once a home has a moisture and mold problem you probably will NOT be able to ever get rid of it.   The goal behind building a home that is designed with mold-free construction is to be able to build a home that is mold and moisture-free before you even move in. 

If you or someone you know is thinking about building a mold-free home, I highly recommend the online course "Building A Safe Home", from Avoiding Mold.  In this course you'll learn how to Plan & Build A Mold-Safe Home for the Long Term: For Homeowners & Building Pros

This course covers the step by step process of planning to build a mold and moisture safe home, as we cover the site planning stages, to the building design, to hiring contractors and more.

Learn the due diligence involved in Building A Safe Home, to avoid moisture damage and avoid future exposure to mold.


Breathing Walls
A Biological Approach to
Healthy Building Envelope Design and Construction

by George Swanson, Oram Miller and Wayne Federer, Editor
Spiral-bound, 304 pages (Pre-publication draft, April 2008)


MOLD-FREE Construction, by Douglas Hoffman
This book is designed to provide information for homeowners, homebuilders, and other construction partners regarding the Mold-Free ProcessTM, a process by which the problems of mold and mildew may be controlled and, in some cases, eliminated by decisions made during the building process. Many of the problems relating to mold and mildew proliferation are a direct result of poor decision-making in the design stages of construction and in the methods and materials used in the construction process itself. By adhering to the recommendations herein described the occurrence of mold and mildew problems can be substantially reduced and thereby provide a more allergy-free environment for the new homeowner.  GET THIS BOOK: HERE

Mold Resistent & Eco-Conscious Building Materials
(You must have both)

Wallboard/Wall Materials

  1. Georgia-Pacific® DensArmor Plus® Interior "Paperless" Wallboard  DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels are gypsum wallboards that are ideal for moisture-prone commercial and residential interior spaces. This moisture-resistant wallboard incorporates fiberglass mats front and back, instead of paper facings, and a moisture-resistant core for superior moisture and mold resistance when compared to traditional paper-faced drywall.
  2. Magnesium Oxide Wallboard -
  3. HempCrete - Hempcrete is very versatile as it can be used for wall insulation, flooring, walls, roofing and more. It’s fire-proof, water-proof, and mold/rot-proof -


  1. PinkWood - Coated engineered wood I-Joists and structural finger-jointed lumber that is mold, mildew, moisture and fire resistent.


  1. HempCrete - Hempcrete is very versatile as it can be used for wall insulation, flooring, walls, roofing and more. It’s fire-proof, water-proof, and mold/rot-proof -
  2. CertainTeed's® Optima insulation is good for walls
  3. DryRight® insulation is great for ceiling cavities. 
  4. Covering insulation with CertainTeed's MemBrain® is a good suggestion.  It is a permeable vapor barrier that allows for air exchange in cold, dry weather, but prevents humid air exchange on hot, muggy days.


  1. Porcelain Tile  - Most porcelain tile products are not just eco-friendly with no VOC's or harmful chemicals they are also mold resistent. Porcelain can be used over magnesium oxide wallboard and can also be used to replace wood floors as they now have new styles out that look exactly like wood grain. 
  2. Glazed Ceramic Tile
  3. Concrete 
  4. HempCrete - Hempcrete is very versatile as it can be used for wall insulation, flooring, walls, roofing and more. It’s fire-proof, water-proof, and mold/rot-proof
  5. Stone
  6. Clay
  7. Terrazzo
  8. Slate
  9. Quarry Tile

Avoid laminate countertops, butcher block or other raw woods that might become food for mold if there is ever an elevated moisture situation in your home. 

  1. Vetrazzo - Made from recycled glass and concrete -
  2. Concrete
  3. Quartz
  4. Sealed Marble
  5. Granite
  6. Stainless Steel


  1. Hempcrete - Hemcrete is very versatile as it can be used for wall insulation, flooring, walls, roofing and more. It’s fire-proof, water-proof, and mold/rot-proof -

Information and articles about mold free housing

HAVING A NEW HOME doesn't mean "mold free" or safe, so buyer BEWARE!!:

How to Build a Mold-Resistant Home or Commercial Building

Top 10 tips to avoid structural mold from broken pipes, ice dams and flooding

I just finished remodeling my basement.  Can you help me choose mold-resistant flooring?

Mold-Free Model Home PATH-sponsored house showcases mold-prevention processes and products.

This month, the first-ever show house for mold prevention opened its doors in Chesterfield, N.H.

The house was developed by Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) Partners, a group of manufacturers, builders, organizations, and individuals that support the work of PATH, a research group under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that identifies and tests innovative processes, materials, and technology for the housing industry. The 3,000-square-foot, two-story lakefront home will serve as a living laboratory to study a new mold-prevention protocol that includes the use of mold-resistant building materials, such as paperless drywall and non-organic insulation, and an inspection process that runs from design through occupancy.  You can see the entire article HERE and the home.




Abigail Homes - "Mold-Free Home Builder" (Elgin, IL. )

Breathe Easy Tiny Homes - "Tiny Home Builders" (Blaine, MN)

Green Building Supply is building the world's most dedicated network of eco-enthusiasts, homeowners, builders, designers and architects.

All of their green building materials meet the following criteria:

  1. Non-toxic and safe
  2. Renewable, recycled or upcycled
  3. Energy-efficient and Energy Star compliant
  4. Meet or exceed US or European environmental standards
  5. Good reputation in the industry
  6. Personally tested by their company

When you fill out THIS FORM and *mention that you saw Green Building Supply on *Surviving Toxic Mold you'll receive $20 off of your first order of $200 or more of eco-friendly and safe non-toxic supplies for your home. (*use survivingtoxicmold (at) gmail dot com)