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How Toxic Molds are used in "Top-Secret" BioChemical Warfare as "Agents of Death"

This is the part of toxic mold that none of us want to read about.  It's the part that affected my family, so closely that it's even hard to write about.   As hard as this article is to write, it's dedicated to my father who was a victim of BioChemical Warfare (Specifically, Agent-Orange) in Vietnam. 

It wasn't until my horrendous toxic mold exposure in 2011 (You can read my full story HERE), that I came across tremendous amounts of research and proof that in fact, toxic molds were used in the production of some of these agents that were dispersed in war-time, and specifically where my Dad spent the bulk of his time in Vietnam. 

Rainbow Herbicides during War

Of the agents used in southeast Asia, their active ingredients and years used were as follow:[3]

Research References