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Videos about Toxic Mold

Mycotoxins - The Surprising Mold You Eat

Mycotoxins are toxins found in foods that don't come from pure sources. Mycotoxins are everywhere, and if you are not aware of them you may become severely ill

Do you think you may have mold exposure?

Andreanna Rainville, RN, LMP discusses ways to investigate suspected mold and mycotoxicity.

Dr. Andrew Campbell and the effects of exposure to toxigenic molds and mycotoxins II

Presentation used by Dr. Campbell in medical seminars regarding clinical facts of effects of exposure to toxigenic molds and mycotoxins.

The link between mold and adverse health effects

This 4-minute video features Dr. Michael Gray of Benson, Arizona. Dr. Gray is board-certified in Occupational and Preventive Medicine and an expert in the field. He explains why it is crucial to consider the link between mold amplification and adverse health effects. He also elaborates on the need to consider the cause of an illness if we hope to prevent it

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Shoemaker About Molds Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, about exposure in molds

Dr. Andrew Campbell and the effects of mycotoxins on the human body.

Dr. Andrew Campbell discusses some of the ways exposure to toxigenic molds and mycotoxins affect the human body.

Is Mold the Secret Enemy? Mycotoxins with Guest Dave Asprey

Pedram Shojai and Sara Gottfried recently welcomed The Bulletproof Executive, Dave Asprey, to The Health Bridge. A few weeks ago Dave was visiting Pedram at his home in Southern California when Dave started having a strange reaction. "There's mold somewhere," Dave said. Turns out there was a little plant

Is mold making you sick?  Put the effects of Toxic Mold behind you!!

Do you think you might have mold in your home, place of business or school? Are you or someone you love suffering from an unknown illness that doctors can't diagnose?  Is mold making you sick? Go to our Step by Step and start Surviving Toxic Mold.

Toxic Black Mold with Guest Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan

Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan discusses the possible dangers of toxic black mold and how it is usually misdiagnosed.