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The practice of "Extreme Mold Detox" & "Mold Avoidance"

For some who are exposed to toxic mold it is life or death for them to undergo a period of time practicing extreme measures of mold detoxification and extreme mold avoidance.  This means they must not only avoid toxic molds that produce mycotoxins but they must also avoid allergenic molds found in most homes, possessions, fabrics, woods and paper for extended periods of time.  Some have even reported to have had to flee from everything for years.  

Family, friends and aquaintences need to listen and understand that these individuals need to do this to "SAVE THEIR LIFE". 
This means that they need to possibly get rid of everything they own, move to a drier climate, not live in standard living dwellings like homes or buildings and must live a simplistic life of strict diet, tent or RV living and extremely organic life practices just to survive the physical assault on their bodies.

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Excellent Books we recommend on Mold Avoidance