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Highest quality Colostrum product I use



DISCLAIMER for colostrum: As far as how much to take goes, you should always start out with the recommended dosage. Kids will take less, and there is usually instructions on that as well. There is a possibility of side effects when you start supplementing with colostrum due to the release of toxins in the body. Head aches, low grade fever, GI discomfort and nausea are the most common and usually only last a day or two, but if you start with a low dose (like I did) you can decrease your chances of experiencing any side effects all together. It's been reported that you can keep increasing the dosage to effect, but that will vary from person to person and is up to the individual to decide. Always take it on an empty stomach for best results. PLEASE READ: It's important to note that colostrum may contain traces of lactose and casein. The higher the quality, the lesser the chance of this so it is important to research the company and product before adding it to your regimen. Use caution if you have intolerances to dairy, but also do not be immediately discouraged as it often reverses the issues that make it difficult to digest dairy to begin with.