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How I cured myself of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)


What is MCS?

After my exposure I was diagnosed with temporary MCS which is an environmental illness called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  MCS is "NOT" a disease but is a "symptom" of a specific root cause.  It is caused by an accumulation of a specific aldehyde chain of chemicals in the body. 
What are the symptoms of MCS?
Why did I get MCS?
when it enters your body is causes the "candida" to become "overly balanced" and multiply. The Candida releases what is called "Aldehyde". Aldehyde literally breaks up the blood brain barrier and causes your barrier to resemble "swiss cheese".
You then become extremely hyper reactive to any foreign chemical name the chemical, your brain now allows that chemical in and your immune system violently starts reacting. If someone starts becoming highly sensitive to smells like cleaners or perfumes or's for this exact reason. Medical doctors DO NOT have any of this training. Only Environmental scientists or Environmental specialty doctors.
So MCS is the result of having perforations in the blood brain barrier of your brain and spinal cord. (Not to be confused with lesions like in MS).
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These perforations are caused by Aldehyde chemicals that cause these fine damage to the brain barrier
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that is why you become extra sensitive
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Aldehyde is a byproduct of Candida Albicans "mold/yeast".
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Just like Candida produces mycotoxins...they also produce dangerous amounts of aldehyde.
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A mold diet, natural antifungals and supplementing with Molybdenum (as an Aldehyde binder) will clear it up in a few months.
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it worked like a charm for me...
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I was extremely almost mental from the amount of chemical sensitivity I had.....I was even the "crazy lady" who was calling the city to tell them that the paving guys were going to kill me and I was going to have to go to the ER because they were repaving our


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I thought the answer was removing myself from all of the I went nuts...cleared out my entire house and bought everything non toxic...I wasn't coming at it from the "cause" perspective. I was only chasing the "triggers" and not the main cause of it. Once I went after the cause it was extremely quick that I stopped it.
I hope this helps you...I was so relieved to have found the cause and I simply share it with people I see who are dealing with it.


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and the more obvious part I forgot to mention is...getting out of an environment that has mold. The mold and mycotoxins literally can cause your gut bacteria and candida to start over=producing and thus you get the massive amounts of aldehyde production in your it's like a domino effect. I had to completely leave my moldy house and all my possessions and get to a clean environment as well as make sure it tested mold free and keep really good air purifiers on 24/7. There are lots of reasons people get Candida...but the main ones are diet, alchohol, antibiotics and a moldy house.





What is molybdenum?

Cleaning products and MCS
Because of the extreme reactions you may even react to "chemical compounds in essential oils". Which means even natural cleaners become dangerous. Because of this I had to find other ways to clean for that period of two years. I ran into research on "positive bacterium". Which, in short is the same concept as people taking "probiotics" for their gut and microbiome. are warding off bad bacteria, mold and viruses in your home using positive strains of those same bacteria but WITHOUT the chemical byproducts.
I met with the makers of products called: Purebiotics and these products helped me through my 6 months of horrendous MCS.