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PureBiotic Products are a major break-through in Mold Control, Bacteria Control, Virus Control, General Cleanliness and Healthcare


For thousands of years we humans have been trying to improve ways to clean ourselves and where we live and work – as the best way to protect against filth, odors, illness, infections, molds and many other problems. But, even with all of today’s technology, we still find ourselves endlessly battling between trying to protect ourselves and using dangerous chemicals and products that harm us, our children, animals and the environment. So maybe we had it all wrong all these years. Given that there's an uprise of newly evolved Super Bugs due to our overuse of Disinfectants and overindulge of Antibiotics in both humans and animals, maybe we should try a different approach. Instead of constantly trying to kill 99.9% of microscopic life around us, including the beneficial bacteria which we cannot survive without, maybe we should start balancing our living environment with the help of Probiotics.

How can it be used? 

PureBiotics products can be used on wood, plastic, vinyl, metal, rubber, marble, granite, glass, and the laundry product can be used to wash fabrics.  PureBiotic is so natural and safe that you can use it on your skin, around babies, pregnant mothers and even pets.  

PureBiotics improve air quality. It is used by mold inspectors and mold testing professionals worldwide as a recommended way to improve clients homes who have minor mold issues that do not require full remediations.  It is safe for use on RV's, Automobiles and Boats.  

PureBiotics All Purpose Cleaner

(This 1.32 gallon concentrate makes approximately 14 full gallons of usable product if you follow directions and use 12oz of concentrate mixed with one gallon of water) Must be used within 3-5 days of mixing.

PureBiotic Cleaning Spray

Purebiotic Cleaning Spray is highly effective for cleaning, protecting and Introduces beneficial microflora to heavy traffic surfaces.

  • BATH: toilets, sink, showers, door knobs and faucet handles.
  • sealed wood, granite, marble, counter-tops, glass surfaces
  • Tiles, oven, sinks, fridge, counters
  • Safe to use on all washable surfaces.

PureBiotic Mist pump
(8oz Ready To Use Product)

The mist pump contains 8oz of product.  Usage Ideas: Computer keyboards, work areas, bathroom areas around toilet handles, sinks, doorknobs, cell phones or tablets, lamps or light switches. Spray on and leave, do not wipe.

PureBiotic Mist spray
(7.05 oz Ready To Use Product)

Use the Purebiotic mist spray around the home to freshen the air, remove airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores.  Can be used in bathrooms.   Can also be used as a Car, RV or tiny home antibacterial/fungal spray.

PureBiotic Heavy Duty

1 gallon of Concentrate for larger cleaning areas like walls, furniture and wiping down rooms and large square footage.  When mixed with water concentrate costs only .99 cents per gallon.  For stronger product double amount of concentrate for up to 50 full gallons of useable product.

PureBiotic Heavy Duty

16 oz of Concentrate for larger cleaning areas like walls, furniture and wiping down rooms.  When mixed with water concentrate costs only .99 cents per gallon.  This bottle makes 16 gallons of useable product.  For stronger product double amount of concentrate for 8 full gallons of useable product.

PureBiotic Home Spray

PureBiotics Mouthwash
Purebiotic Mouthwash contains Powerful "positive" strains of beneficial bacteria that prevent "Candida/Thrush" on the tongue or (white tongue).  It also reaches deep into the gumline pockets where it consumes fungi and bacteria caused by exposure to water damaged buildings.  People who have been exposed to toxic mold have lowered immunity and therefore end up with more frequent dental issues.  PureBiotic Mouthwash helps prevent further damage to the gums and teeth. 

PureBiotics Stabiotic Mist Concentrate

(This 8oz concentrate makes approximately 12 (avg. 16oz spray bottlles) of usable product if you follow directions and use 4-8oz of concentrate mixed with "each" one 16oz spray bottle of water)

Allergy Sprays
(Specifically for Dust Mite and Mold Allergens)

These probiotic sprays are specially formulated to remove dust mite and mold allergens by specific bacterias that consume dust mite feces and mold spores and residue. 

Purebiotics Dish Soap

Purebiotics Body Wash

Probiotic Shower Gel is teeming with probiotics that are ready to protect and moisturize your skin making it smooth and shiny.
It quickly absorbs into the microscopic level protection leaving only a healthy skin feeling a light fresh scent. 
Biodegradable, pH-balanced and non-irritating, it is mild enough for daily facial, hand, hair or body cleansing, and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

  • Enriched with Probiotics for a cleaner, ongoing hygiene and care
  • Cleans and protects the whole body and softens the hair
  • Restores the microflora of the skin
  • Reduces the risk of infections
  • Fights active body odors for up to 12 hours after use
  • Creates a layer or beneficial microbiota on the skin
  • Alleviates the itching due to flaky skin and minor irritation 
  • Helps with stubborn acne

Studies & Reports using "Chrisal/Purebiotics/Stabiotics

Please click on the links below to view the studies & reports: