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"This site has provided very well organized information about mold illness. It just set me free from the confusion in this journey. I have benefited in many ways: RELIABLE information, company, guidance, care and understanding as no other mold site. I love it!"  ~ Eliana from Mazamitla, Jalisco - Mexico

"Thank you SOOO MUCH for your help. I honestly don't know what I would have done without your coaching and kindness. You recommend a service in Florida similar (but better) to the Ozone Machine. I ended up doing it and it was so easy and I felt better within a week. I also followed the instructions on your website to do the mold prevention in my car. The tingling I felt  in my head when I drove went away! Again, thank you so much for your taking the time to help others by sharing the information you've obtained. It matters a great deal!" ~ Brittnee L, Florida

"This website has been a life saver for me.  No Literally! I am 72 and alone most of the time, this site has helped to keep me sane.  I am educated and of sound mind (most of the time),  but mold poisoning has brought me to my knees.  The lack of understanding by medical and society as to how serious mold poisoning is has created an atmosphere of mistrust on all the symptoms we experience everyday.  This site validates us and our symptoms.  This is the first step to healing.  The people on this site care and love their sisters and brothers. It is available 24/7.  Jennifer, has kept this site a healthy , loving, and a site where we can get accurate up to date information. We are blessed to have this site!"  ~ Carol from Clearwater, Florida

"A hopeful message for those of you fighting the repercussions of toxic molds.

2 years ago I was bedbound, between scleroderma, MS, and ALS diagnoses and losing the ability to walk. My hands were crippled from arthritis, brain fog barred me from doing anything worthwhile, and all of my top MD’s treating me told me this couldn’t be from mold and that there wasn’t much hope except for prolonging life on meds.

I woke up one morning determined to CURE myself from the incurable and looked up anything I could about mold, chronic diseases, ALS etc. I stumbled upon this Facebook page and thought.... how could this small little section of the internet have all the answers? I had no more hope so I decided to follow all the advice from the website and from Jennifer Cannon biblically. I had nothing to lose. I shed an almost fiancé, my home, friendships, most of my belongings, an enjoyable career, the list goes on.

On top of fighting so hard, many questioned the methods I was employing and thought I was crazy. The supplements did work. The detoxing worked. Acupuncture, naturopaths, NAET, visceral manipulation, prayer, Chinese herbs, venting, lots of venting, IV’s, antifungal diet, etc etc

It worked. And while I’m very aware that relapse is possible, that I’ll always be immunocompromised, I’m so happy that I have relief, that my body did what doctors told me was impossible! The asthma disappeared, the nerves and muscles in my legs regrew!! The arthritis completely dissipated.

There was no better feeling then going back to all my ‘regular’ doctors and for the first time having each one jaw dropped with note pads out, asking the dosage on every last supplement, IV, etc.

For those of you wondering if this stuff works, if there is a natural way to get better, what more do you have to lose? For those of you, who are fighting the impossible fight, who are scared to hope and be disappointed again, I’m sorry to put hope in you again, for those that are seeing results or patiently waiting, keep fighting! Life is a gift, see the light in it. Blessings heath and hope for everyone"  ❤️   ~ MJ Meili, Germany

"This website has been a God-send for our family. In the 14 years that we lived in our home, my husband was sick for the last 10. We went to numerous drs. inc. the Mayo Clinic, trying to find answers as to why he had over 17 disabling health conditions. There were no answers. During that time he refused to go on disability and even went back to school to become a teacher @ the age of 55! Talk about an inner drive! I figured I would be a widow some time within the next 10 years. This past summer I got sick cleaning some small moldy areas with vinegar (some advice given on another mold website) and even tried cleaning a spot the size of a racquetball with vinegar. I didn't know any better! Then when I got very sick and researched my symptoms, we realized we had toxic mold and had been poisoned! We left our home and possessions behind. This site created by Jennifer has been a HUGE help to us on our road to recovery. She has done an amazing job of getting the advice of many doctors to share with us as well as hours spent setting up this website for everyone, and has even recommended products to help us all get better! What a gift!!! The numerous doctors including toxicologists and radiologists have helped me to trust this website. As God's word says in the Bible, "There is wisdom in many counselors." Dr. Croft's, advice from having over 33 years experience with ammonia neutralizing mycotoxins, has been a breath of fresh air! Thank you so very much and may God continue to bless you Jennifer!!! " ~ Donna in Plattsburgh, NY (right next door to the Canadian border)"

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