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Scientific, Biological and Medical Research of effects and symptoms of Mold Exposure

Impact of Mold & Mycotoxins on Humans & Animals

(Large compilation of research at:

Relating to the BRAIN

Relating to the GUT


Relating to MYCOTOXIN - Stachybotrys

Relating to Glutathione deficiency from Mycotoxin Exposure

Coorelation between CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Mycotoxin Exposure

Relating to - BINDERS

  1. NovaSil clay intervention for Aflatoxin
    • The efficacy of NovaSil clay (NS) to reduce aflatoxin (AF) biomarkers of exposure was evaluated in 656 blood samples and 624 urine samples collected from study participants during a 3-month phase IIa clinical intervention trial in Ghana. NS was delivered before meals via capsules.
    • NovaSil clay does not affect the concentrations of vitamins A and E and nutrient minerals in serum samples from Ghanaians at high risk for aflatoxicosis -


Relating to CHILDREN and Exposure to Toxic Mold

Relating to Elderly exposure to mold and mycotoxins

Relating to Structures, Buildings, Environment & Air

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Some online websites where mold and mycotoxin research has been pubished and recorded

US National Library of Medicine -

TOXNET Toxicology Data Network -

Wiley Online Library -

The National Center for Biotechnology Information -

PubMed -

Hindawi (Toxicology Journal) -

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute - peer-reviewed, scientific open-access journals) -

American Society for Microbiology -

Taylor & Francis Online -

Springer Link - Scientific Documents - -

engormix -