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Filing for Disability with Mold Exposure

Filing for disability for a diagnosis of "Mold Exposure" is nearly impossible because of the limited study on mold illness by the American Medical Association, American Doctors and the fact that they have written off mold as a cause of the dozens of conditions it may cause.  Your best bet when feeling like you are not able to function after mold exposure and are in need of disability is to let the medical community work in your favor by getting a "Sub-Diagnosis" that the medical industry considers a "Main Diagnosis". 

Although all of us in the mold community know that mold and mycotoxins are the cause, until the rest of the Medical world believes us and is brought up to speed on the proof and connection of mold illness to these diseases and conditions we have to use these "Sub-Diagnosis" as a way to get the help we so desperately need.

Here are some common illnesses (mold can cause) that SSI may consider as elgible for disability claims:

How Long Does the Disability Process take? 

We found an excellent blog post on the blog "How to Get On"

It is a very detailed timeline of what you can expect.