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Optimized Process
Saving Your Stuff

Losing your possessions due to a toxic mold problem in your home can be devastating.  I've sat down with toxicologists and building biologists to create a "Mold-Proof" & "Mycotoxin-Proof" method of keeping (SOME) of your possessions without cross-contamination.  See my full guide HERE on "Saving Your Possessions" 

Flexible Utilization

It took me 9 years to find a cleaning solution to kill mold spores that wasn't pungent or toxic that would prevent future mold issues and literally eliminate mycotoxin.  If you go to my PureBiotics page you'll see all of the "probiotic" cleaners I use on my home.  These are patented "probiotic" products. 

Flexible Utilization
Mold Cleaners?

There is so much confusing information on the internet about what is safe or not safe.  Ammonia is a natural compound that can kill spores and neutralize mycotoxin if you read my Ammonia article HERE but Bleach is "very dangerous" and can actually cause brain my WARNING here. 

Optimized Process
Cars & Air Vents

From saving your automobiles from a toxic mold cross-contamination to knowing that cleaning your home's HVAC air vents is a huge mistake if not done safely, I have some great advice that can save you money, heartache and your health.  

Smooth Transition