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"UPDATE: Surviving Toxic Mold is mourning the loss of Dr. Jack Thrasher who passed away January 27th, 2017 of heart related issues.  We will miss him and the toxic mold community has lost a great man and researcher."

Jack-Dwayne Thrasher, Ph.D.

Dr. Thrasher received his B.S. Degree in 1959 from California State University, Long Beach and a Ph.D. From U.C.L.A. School  of Medicine, Department of Anatomy in 1964. He taught medical students at both U. Of  Colorado and U.C.L.A. in cell biology, human anatomy, physiology and embryology. He has specialized in  Toxicology since 1966 and Immunotoxicology  since 1986. He has been a consultant to toxicology laboratories and three human diagnostic laboratories. He has been an expert witness in government, defense and plaintive cases.

Dr. Thrasher has published peer reviewed research papers on the toxic effects of various chemicals on animals and humans. These include the Immunotoxicology of formaldehyde, organophosphate insecticides, chlorinated insecticides, solvents, isocyanates hydrogen sulfide, and molds/bacteria in water damaged homes and buildings. Dr. Thrasher is the technical director to the nonprofit organization “National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation and has assisted NTEF in the filing of petitions regarding toxic chemicals present in cosmetics and perfumes. NTEF has been awarded the HonCode

Can assist with Legal or
Medical expert Witness

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