Should I use an Ozone Generator to kill mold in my home, office or vehicle?

People in the medical and enviromental communities are torn between whether or not to recommend usage of Ozone Generators to kill mold in environments. 

Toxicologist, Dr. Jack Thrasher, Phd
does NOT recommend using an ozone generator but other indoor and enviromental specialist air experts do. Ozone generators produce photocatalytic oxidation that is effective in destroying airborne mold. However, expert toxicologist: Dr. Thrasher strongly cautions against using these ozone generators.  He says that if you oxidize an organic chemical of any kind it will create free radicals.  According to Standford University "Free radicals can cause damage to parts of cells such as proteins, DNA, and cell membranes by stealing their electrons through a process called oxidation. (This is why free radical damage is also called “oxidative damage.”) When free radicals oxidize important components of the cell, those components lose their ability to function normally, and the accumulation of such damage may cause the cell to die. Numerous studies indicate that increased production of free radicals causes or accelerates nerve cell injury and leads to disease. Dr. Thrasher also says that ozone can be highly irritating to your mucous membranes and lungs.

On the contrary, Ozone Generators do facilitate the removal of volatile organics,  but people need to be aware and recognize that these machines should not be used when you, your family, your pets or plants are in the room at levels higher than the EPA recommends.  On the positive, the ozone dissipates quickly, so after airing the area out for about 20 minutes, it is considered safe to return humans, pets and plants back to the area.

Unlike air purifiers, as the ozone generator actually purifies the air and neutralizes any odors at the source, on the molecular level.

Architect, Cheryl Ciecko  of http://www.avoidingmold.com/
says: "Use ozone to resolve mold problems? NO!

Long term serious health consequences may result. It will likely be years before the damage becomes apparent, but the health damage from ozone can be life-threatening. There is no known way to determine how long ozone stays in the air, once fogged, since ozone cannot been seen or smelled. The results from ozone fogging could linger in the air for a month or more. Everyone living in the space or visiting for an unknown amount of time will be affected. Ozone is only recommended for uninhabitable spaces (like a storage shed).

"Manufacturers and vendors of ozone devices often use misleading terms to describe ozone. Terms such as "energized oxygen" or "pure air" suggest that ozone is a healthy kind of oxygen. Ozone is a toxic gas with vastly different chemical and toxicological properties from oxygen. Several federal agencies have established health standards or recommendations to limit human exposure to ozone."  The EPA is very blunt on this topic. Read more through the EPA website: https://www.epa.gov/…/ozone-generators-are-sold-air-cleaner…

Ozone Generators and Interior Mold Remediation: A Recipe for Disaster?
Here is also another great article by our contributing writers over at Mold Sensitized: They explain why using an Ozone Generator might just be a recipe for disaster.  In this article they discuss the science behind it http://www.moldsensitized.com/ozone-generators-and-interior-mold-remediation-a-recipe-for-disaster/

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