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What's so important about using nontoxic personal care and cosmetic alternatives when you have mold illness?

We're living in a time where almost everything we eat, drink, bathe with, and clean with are loaded down with toxic chemicals. We instinctively know that exposure to these chemicals is bad, but we're rarely educated on knowing that adding these types of toxins along with having a mold exposure can prevent us from detoxing from the mold.  This burdens our systems and creates an impossible cycle of inflammation and toxic load on major organs.  Below are some alternatives that work great!! if not better than other more toxic products on the market.


Surviving Toxic Mold
Dessert Essence Toothpaste

Desert Essence in my book is the "best" toothpaste and the healthiest toothpaste on the market.  Here are some reasons I use the Desert Essence brand:

  1. It's base is made of "tea tree oil" which kills mold and fungi
  2. It contains NO flouride which is known as a toxic chemical that harms DNA
  3. It does not contain chemical flavoring but contains pure 100% essential oils from God's green earth

You can buy Desert Essence Toothpastes HERE


Desert Essence Mouthwash
Desert Essence Mouthwash

Nail Polishes

Top 20 non toxic nail polishes found on Prevention Magazine