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Saturday, June 30 2018

The love relationship when toxic mold becomes an issue can be one of the most challenging and sometimes upsetting and tragic dynamics we've seen.  When you first met your significant other or first said "I do" maybe that person was healthy physically and mentally.  You never in a million years thought that something like "mold" would be a cause of strife in your relationship or to some of you who think it isn't real: In your thought process you just can't understand that your partner supposedly thinks they are really sick from something so miniscule as some "MOLD". 

I mean, this is a nightmare right?

The Fairy Tale isn't supposed to be like this!! 

I think she's nuts!

Does He really think Mold makes him sick?

I'm done with this relationship!! 

Although your thoughts and questions are legitimate, please know that what your partner is facing is a real life changing shift in their DNA, cellular structure, brain biochemistry, hormones and emotional and mental health.  They are not at fault and the research on my website proves that:  


"Science PROVES IT and Medicine is BEHIND".  

Most often the female body are the majority of cases with toxic mold but it can effect both sexes in different ways. 
  This can be attributed to the fact that the mycotoxin that toxic mold mimics and 

Increases ESTROGEN hormones in both men and women

From our experience the ratio seems to be 90/10 with women bearing the brunt of chronic illness from toxic mold exposure. 


Researchers found that higher levels or normal levels of Testosterone play a protective role against certain species of toxic mold strains and mycotoxin.  With this discovery we can assume that men with an adequate supply and/or production of Testosterone are NOT going to get sick when exposed. 

However, if males are experiencing even an unnoticeable decline in testosterone they might fall victim to symptomatic toxic mold exposure from water damaged buildings.  Note: Symptoms for men and women are NOT the same and this could spark negative thought processes between relationship partners.  If you are a "one size fits all" type of personality this could be harmful in your thinking.  

In this example we refer to ZEN mycotoxin which is "zearalanone" that is produced by Fusarium Toxic Mold varieties. The observation is that 90% of men are being protected somehow by their level of Testosterone when living in a water damaged building.  The other 10% account for the men who fall ill to toxic mold exposure.  This would also explain why elevated levels of Testosterone in men would help them heal and recover quickly just by removing themselves from the environment. 

Since my journey began back in 2010, this has been my observation that when a home is contaminated with toxic mold and couples or families leave the moldy home as well as get rid of all of their possession, most often the males seem to recover quickly and detox just from removing themselves from the point of exposure whereas women, elderly and children seem to get worse or carry on the symptoms even in a new clean home.  This obvious theory led me to research the possibility of differences in cause and effect between males and females.  Quickly into my research I did indeed find scientific studies and evidence that my theories were correct. 

Mycotoxin can lower testosterone even futher in testosterone-compromised males. 

"Estrogenic effects of ZEN mycotoxin differ from males and females. In males, major effects of this mycotoxin are immunosuppression, reduction in testosterone level, lower testes weight, reduced spermatogenesis, feminization and reduction of libido.2, 3, 5, 7 In females ZEN causes immunosuppression, reduced survival of embryos, reduced fetal weight, vulvar dilatation and redness, vulvovaginitis, retention or absence of milk, rectal prolapse.2, 3, 5, 7

Furthermore ZEN is capable of inducing cancer, genotoxic and endocrine effects." 5, 7


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Estrogen Dominance:

What happens to the male mind and body when it is deprived of Testosterone?

In order to understand why relationships get stressed we must first go through the process like falling dominos.  We have to start with learning about Mold, what it is and how it produces a very dangerous substance called Mycotoxin.  You can READ MORE about mold and mycotoxin HERE.  After we have identified a specific mycotoxin called "zearalanone" that is found in everything from fermented drinks, food and water damaged buildings, we discover that real scientific studies and "OVERWHELMING" evidence to prove that "zearalanone" and most all other mycotoxins increase estrogen in the human body and that increase depletes and lowers male testosterone levels.  Now from there we will take on the next progression of what happens to the male body under these stressful circumstances of not having an adequate supply of testosterone. 

  • Physical Symptoms Include: Decreased Sex Drive, Difficulty with erection, Low Semen Volume, Hair Loss, Fatigue, Diabetes, Thyroid Problems, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Loss of Muscle Mass, Increased Body Fat, Decreased Bone Mass, 
  • Mental Symptoms Include: Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, Anger, Rage, Loss of daily mental drive, lower mental clarity, lack of focus, denial of change or symptoms and diagnosis.

Male Summary: 

  1. If males have adequate or an over-abundance of Testosterone they will NOT feel the catastrophic effects of toxic mold on the body, endocrine system, immune system or mental symptoms. 
  2. If males have inadequate or low-testosterone(any age), or not fully developed levels yet of testosterone (babies, young boys) they can exhibit some of the symptoms of low testosterone: Physical Symptoms Include: Decreased Sex Drive, Difficulty with erection, Low Semen Volume, Hair Loss, Fatigue, Diabetes, Thyroid Problems, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Loss of Muscle Mass, Increased Body Fat, Decreased Bone Mass, Mental Symptoms Include: Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, Rage, Agression, Combative, Anger, Denial, Frustration, Loss of daily mental drive, lower mental clarity, lack of focus. PLUS: Any and all of the other symptoms of toxic mold exposure that women experience. For this reason Males who are low in testosterone will become combative, argumenative, aggressive, fight with women who are feeling devastated with other symptoms, deny they are being exposed because they are NOT feeling the same symptoms others are, reject children, reject authority, reject scientific studies or professional advice.  They cannot think clearly and are and will be in a combative state of mind.  

    If you are a male and you are reading need to understand and reflect on the fact that your lack of physical symptoms that you think are associated with mold are actually "Male-specific toxic mold symptoms" and this might help save your relationship or your marriage.  If you understand that your symptoms are "denial" and "disbelief" this is the first step to recovering a bad relationship and recovering "together" as a couple and as a family. 


Without the protective effects of testosterone for women, children and elderly they are going to be "poisoned" more severely. 

Children seem to be vulnerable to respiratory, skin issues, new onset learning or growth disabilities, mental illnesses such as ADD/ADHD or depression/anxiety, gut issues and food allergies.  Young boys could exhibit some of the symptoms above that we mentioned in males with lower T.  

Elderly, for obvious reasons are going to be very vulnerable to toxic mold exposure because their immune systems are compromised. (R1, R2)

Women seem to be affected the most severely withh toxic mold exposures.  Because most toxic mold has an estrogenic effect on the body women go through the worst part of hell.  When we simply research common symptoms of just elevated estrogen alone the results are alarming and disturbing.  

  • Breast tenderness or breast fullness
  • Decreased libido or reduced sex drive
  • Weight gain (especially in the hips/thigh/butt region)
  • Changes to your menstrual cycle (menstrual irregularity, heavy menstrual flow or cramps/mood changes/migraines with your cycle)
  • Hair loss such as brittle hair, hair thinning or change in the color of your hair
  • Problems with fertility (usually difficulty with conception compared to high risk of miscarriage with low progesterone)
  • Changes to your mood including depression, anxiety or not feeling like yourself
  • Bloating in the stomach
  • Water retention, especially in the hands/feet and face
  • Changes to your bowel movements
  • Reduced energy or fatigue
  • Changes to your sleeping patterns, including insomnia or a reduction in the quality of your sleep
  • Reduced or damaged metabolism - gaining weight even though you haven't changed your diet
  • Other hormone imbalances such as low testosterone and thyroid disease

For Females, when you combine these elevated estrogenic symptoms with many of the other common symptoms of mold, you can only imagine what females are facing on a day-to-day basis.  

The toxic soup of Male and Female exposure

According to Psychology Today, when either partner is faced with a chronic illness it puts an extraordinary strain on the relationship.  With this additional strain on the relationship you need to take additional precautionary steps if you want to keep and maintain a healthy bond. 

In the next few points we explore some possible positive steps you and your partner can take to adapt to this toxic mold crisis that has entered your lives. 

Strive to put yourself in their shoes

  1. Read, Research and understand what your partner might be going through from a (Male/Female) perspective as outlined in this article. 
  2. Learn what the symptoms are and how to identify them in your partner 
  3. Choose to respond calmly and positively when you spot "classic" symptoms of this exposure


Strive to learn about your own gender-specific symptoms

  1. Read, Research and Understand how just because you are not feeling the same symptoms as your partner, that you could still be feeling the toxic effects of toxic mold from a different Male/Female perspective.
  2. Learn both what your gender-specific symptoms are as well as the entire list of common symtoms that both males and females could experience. 
  3. Choose to respond to your own symptoms in a calmer and positive way. 


Strive to accept that your partner MAY NOT accept their own symptoms



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