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Saturday, April 10 2021

If there's one thing I learned, it's that biofilms have a huge part to play in the role of eradicating "ANY" pathogen.  With that being said, I didn't learn this concept until years after my initial mold exposure.  Unfortunately it was a hard lesson learned because I spent many years suffering from fungal infections, viral infections and bacterial infections.


After you have faithfully opened up detox pathways every day for a month your body should be ready to go after the biofilms created by fungi, bacteria and parasites. 


A biofilm is produced by certain microorganisms.  They are extracellular polymers that act like a glue and create a physical barrier around colonizing bacteria, fungi and parasites.  Biofilm-producing microorganisms are involved in 80% of all GI infections in humans.

Once a pathogen (Bacteria/Mold/Parasite) colonizes and begins to form biofilm, it becomes harder to detect and remove; especially the longer it is present. Biofilms shield the pathogens from your immune system, and they accelerate the growth and dispersion of the pathogen throughout the GI tract while providing an environment for new pathogens to attach and grow.

You can see now why it is VERY VERY important to attack these Biofilms, daily  "RIGHT BEFORE" (I take my biofilm busters 30 minutes before either my "antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral", whichever pathogen I am targeting), you take an anti-microbial to go after Fungi/Mycotoxin, Bacteria or Parasites.  If these barriers are still there and still protecting these pathogens ALL of your efforts to kill, neutralize and disable them will be useless.  I'd like to say that I can save you and thousands of others the hardship I went through of years and years of taking "this antifungal / that microbial/ this parasite cleanse" only to find out that I NEVER addressed the biofilms that were protecting these pathogens and helping them thrive.  

So now that you know you need to "BUST THE BIOFILMS" first, you want to know "How to do it right"...good news!! After more learning and research, I finally found tons of ways to do it.  My best recommendations based on scientific data for BIOFILM DESTROYERS are below:  

Enzymes that break up biofilm


  1. Nattokinase [38]
  2. Serratiopeptidase [37]
  3. Trypsin [36]
Non-Herbals that break up Biofilm
  1. Chitosan [23249]
  2. Colloidal Silver [32]
  3. EDTA [27] – EDTA likely exerts antimicrobial activity by chelating magnesium and calcium – minerals necessary for growth and membrane stability and may also display anti-biofilm activity by reducing biofilm material (EPS) production and/or enhancing the detachment of bacterial cells from the biofilm. Magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and manganese appear to stabilize the biofilm matrix of a variety of organisms by enhancing structural integrity through electrostatic interactions that serve to cross-link the matrix [4].
  4. High alkalinity (magnesium?) [30]
  5. Iron (29)
  6. Lactoferrin [1526]
  7. L Reuteri [34]
  8. Manganese [4]
  9. Monolaurin [31] (G+)
  10. NAC [25]
  11. Norspermidine (found in chlorella) [3]
  12. Ozone Therapy (Medical not environmental ozone) [2122]
  13. Zeolite (Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans) [33]
  14. Zinc [28]
Herbs that break up Biofilm
  1. Alfalfa [54]
  2. Andrographis [39]
  3. Apigenin [48]
  4. Baicalein [3131]
  5. Berberine [419]
  6. Black cumin oil/Thymoquinone [44]
  7. Boswellia [45]
  8. Cinnamon/Cinnamaldehyde [4243] and Cinnamon essential oil [43]
  9. Curcumin [409]
  10. Eugenol [42943] – found in Tulsi, clove essential oil and cinnamon essential oil
  11. Gentian violet [52]
  12. Ginkgo
  13. Kaempferol [48]
  14. Mangosteen (streptococcus) [53]
  15. Naringenin [48]
  16. Neem [1151]
  17. Oregano Oil (carvacrol+thymol) [46]
  18. Quercetin [47]
  19. Rosmarinic acid (higher concentrations) [50]
  20. St John’s Wort [49]
Foods that break up Biofilms
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar [12] -physiologically tolerable concentrations of acetic acid can completely eradicate bacteria in mature biofilms vitro.
  2. Caprylic acid (G+,-, fungal) [13]
  3. Cranberry [20]
  4. Garlic [1617]
  5. Ginger [19] (G+,-)
  6. Honey [10]
  7. Linoleic acid (omega-6) [898]
  8. Manuka [18]
  9. Oleic Acid/Olive Oil [88]
  10. Propolis (candida biofilm) [11]
  11. Stevia [14]
  12. Vanilla
  13. Xylitol [15]
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