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Thursday, August 22 2019
Toxic Mold and MARCoNS

What is MARCoNS?
MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) is an antibiotic resistant bacterial staph colonization that resides deep in the nasal passage of 80% of people with low MSH (Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone), those suffering from Biotoxin Illness and other chronic inflammatory illnesses like Toxic Mold Exposure, Chemical Exposure, CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). This percentage increases when a person has also been on an antibiotic for a month or more.

Once the bacteria has taken up residence, MARCoNS will further lower MSH (MARCoNS make hemolysin that cleave MSH rendering it inactive), increases cytokines, and lower T-reg cells resulting in Chronic Fatigue symptoms of body aches and debilitating exhaustion. MARCoNS is not an infection but a commensal colonization that can become an infection. These bacteria send chemicals into the blood (exotoxins A and B) that increase inflammation and by cleaving MSH causes a further decrease of MSH levels, which in turn creates more inflammation.

MARCoNS live in deep nasal passages and is a common occurrence in all biotoxin illness. MARCoNS is not commonly found in the deep sinuses of normal individuals with intact immune systems. MARCoNS is found in many patients with mold exposure, chronic lyme disease and biotoxin illnesses.

As MSH is further lowered by MARCoNS, fatigue and chronic pain due to reduced endorphins and increased cytokines will ensue. In addition, hormone imbalances, mood swings, leaky gut, alternating constipation and diarrhea (SIBO), lower melatonin (poor sleep), and low ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone) are all the result of low MSH. When MSH falls too low, the body initially raises ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) and Cortisol in response to the increased stress thereby keeping the person functional. However, over time, the body loses the ability to compensate resulting in ACTH and Cortisol values that fall below normal levels and adrenal fatigue sets in.

Related to ADH, an imbalance between lowered ADH and Plasma Osmolality (a measure of body hydration) results in the person being unable to hold water (frequent urination), and may lead to frequent static shocks due to the higher than normal salt levels on the skin, along with lower back pain, fungal overgrowth, depression, allergies, obesity and other symptoms associated with chronic dehydration.

The Inflammatory markers C4A and TGF-beta 1 are typically quite high in people with biotoxin illness, also called CIRS or (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).   MSH protects the mucous membranes in the nose from colonization of MARCoNS. Fungal exposure, chronic lyme disease and biotoxin illnesses deplete MSH, therefore leading to colonization of these bacteria. Staph Coagulase Negative becomes multiple antibiotic resistant due to the formation of a biofilm which protects the bacteria from the penetration of the antibiotics.

In summary, reduced MSH is a co-factor which can lead to MARCoNS becoming a nasal staph infection. MARCoNS activates inflammation and produces biofilm and biotoxins.    HLA-DR genetic testing can also be helpful to see if there is an immune defect  caused by environmental exposure that can cause the lack of detoxification of lyme, bacterial or mold toxins.

How is MARCoNS diagnosed?

MARCoNS can easily be diagnosed with just two tests:  

  2. MSH (Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone): Your doctor can order this test for you

Other helpful tests (as explained in this article, but not required for a diagnosis of MARCoNS) are: 

  1. AHD
  2. Cortisol (Saliva only)
  3. ACTH
  4. C4a
  5. TGF Beta-1 

What is the best treatment plan for MARCoNS? 

Conventional approach

The conventional approach to eradicating MARCoNS involves working closely with your practitioner.  Usually in this case the proper testing methods are ordered and performed such as MARCoNS tests, MSH levels and more.  

After testing has confirmed that you do have MARCoNS, your doctor will view the list of "resistant bacteria" that are listed on your lab report.  This will allow your doctor to be able to prescribe the proper antibiotics that "your body" is NOT resistant to plus rounds of what is called BEG spray. 

*WARNING: Taking the conventional approach to MARCoNS is NOT the best recommended way to eradicate MARCoNS safely.  Ingesting antibiotics "FURTHER LOWERS" your MSH and also disrupts the gut bacteria.  This could ultimately lead to another case of MARCoNS, Candida Overgrowth, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Allergies and more.  For safer and effective options please see the holistic approach below. 

Holistic approach

MARCoNS Holistic Approach #1 (Level 1 -easiest to do but takes the longest to eradicate the bacteria.  Patients report up to 6 months on this easy protocol)
I used 2 specific all natural sprays: "Xlear" which contains Grapefruit Seed Extract and Xylitol which are excellent biofilm busting agents in getting straight to the MARCoNS.   Xlear is completely "all natural" and completely safe for adults and children so there are no chemicals or drugs involved in the sinuses.  In addition, I use  "Argentyn 23" nasal spray to eradicate fungus and bacteria from my nose and sinuses.  It completely eliminates the use for antibiotics (which as you read above, aren't always effective on MARCoNS)  Argentyn is 100% natural and safe for adults and children.  It is made of silver hydrosol. 


The 2 sprays are used in rotation.  It doesn't matter which spray you start with.  Each spray is used "twice a day" in each nostril (rotating)  Ex:  I used my sprays, Xlear (two sprays each nostril) at 9am, Argentyn 23 (two sprays each nostril) at 2pm, Xlear (two sprays each nostril) at 6pm and then Argentyn 23 (two sprays each nostril) before bed. 

If test still shows a positive MARCoNS diagnosis and low levels of MSH you'll need to keep repeating the protocol for another month or so.  OR, you can try the Holistic Protocol for Megasporebiotics below. 


MARCoNS Holistic Approach #2 (Level 2 semi-difficult)

Megasporebiotic protocol - *NOTE: Megasporebiotic is NOT available unless you have an authorized Health Professional who has access to the product.  If you do not have an authorized health professional you are working with you can see the substitutes below that can be purchased through amazon. 

  • Megasporebiotic Capsules - Only available from your authorized practitioner or these alternative spore based probiotics: 
    • Just Thrive (100% spore based probiotic) - BUY HERE
    • CodeAge (SBO Spore based Organism probiotic) - BUY HERE
    • Dr. Mercola Complete Spore-Restore (3 strains of SBO probiotic) - BUY HERE
  • Saline Solution - BUY HERE
  • Empty Sterile Nasal Spray Bottle - BUY HERE 
  • Argentyn 23 Colloidal Silver - BUY HERE

How to make a MegaSporeBiotic (or other spore-based probiotic) nasal Spray:  Open 1-2 capsules in a nasal spray bottle. Add saline. 
Leave out on counter at room temperature for a day. This will allow the probiotic to sporinate. 


This protocol is slightly different in that you are not rotating sprays on a daily basis. For 3 days, spray ONLY the Megasporebiotic twice in each nostril, twice a day.  (These spore-based probiotics only have on-average, a 3 day lifespan so you'll need to make another new solution every 4 days to start your 4-day protocol over and over again. 

On Day 4 - spray with Argentyn 23. Colloidal Silver and repeat this process exactly how it is mentioned.  So basically your rotation is every 4 days:  3 days of BRAND NEWLY-MADE spore biotic solution followed by one full day of the Argentyn two sprays in each nostril twice that day.  

Repeat the rotation until MARCoNS is resolved.

MARCoNS Holistic Approach #3 - (LEVEL 3 more difficult but highly effective)

Iodine, Xlear, Sovereign Silver "IRRIGATION" approach.  This protocol is a little more complicated and requires a strategic approach.  This protocol includes using Iodine.  Some people react to iodine in a negative way so it's wise to make sure you are not one of those who reacts first before trying the protocol.  I would say that buying a small amount of iodine and doing a skin test.  Apply a small amount or one drop of iodine to your skin to see if there is a reaction before using it in your nasal cavity.  Many practitioners I've spoken to advise patients who are going to try the iodine method that they must consider supplementing with Selenium 200-400mcg daily.  I buy the Soloray brand HERE because it is "citric acid & yeast free" for moldies.  Selenium increases thyroid production and protects you against Hashimotos.  Obviously this made me understand that too, if you have Hashimotos this protocol is NOT for you.  


Mix the Sovereign Silver and Xlear 50/50 in a sterile/empty nasal spray bottle two sprays twice a day. 

In the Navage irrigation system mix a dash of the “Celtic Sea salt” (should taste like your tears) AND one to six drops of Lugols Iodine.  Change how many drops you put in each time so the MARCoNS do not become resistant.  Follow the directions on the Navage system and flush out your nasal and sinus cavities acording to the detailed instructions on the box. 


HOW LONG DOES MARCoNS therapy last? 

There is no set timing for this, unfortunately.  It's based on how effective your treatment is.  This is why it can be very beneficial to have your doctor guide you through this process.  They can better help you keep an eye on what's working and what's NOT working.  They can also re-order tests for you to make sure that the staph is completely gone.  I don't recommend trying this on your own without at least a minimal amount of help.  However, if you are strapped and cannot find a doctor to help you, there are ways you can order the labs on your own but be prepared to pay full price online for MSH lab testing.   So to answer your question....It took me 3 months of treatment to eradicate my MARCoNS after exposure.  NOTE:  Getting re-exposed to another mold or water damaged building can have you starting all over again from step always practice mold avoidance if all possible and also be aware of lyme disease and tick prevention as well. 


The only way to know that your MARCoNS has been eradicated is to repeat the testing method of: 

  • MARCoNS testing: HERE
  • Having your doctor re-order your MSH levels again or you can order your own MSH lab testing online through a reputable lab. 



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