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A Mold Recovery Blog
Tuesday, September 01 2015
The world of Fungi is like a school playground. (Your body is the park and your organs are the different toys on the playground. The teachers are the doctors and allergenists and the Principle is the "Cure")
On every playground there are two kinds of fungi: Allergenic and Toxigenic
Allergenics like to play on the equipment, some like to mind their own business and most of the time they just have a lot of fun causing the rides to spin really fast. They don't fight with other fungi on the playground they are more concerned with having a good time. But when recess is over they go back to the classroom and take their nap. There are many more Allergenics in the world than there are bullying toxigenics. These guys have common names like Suzie and Johnny or Papulospora, Pithomyces and Wallemia.
Toxigenics have only ONE mission on the playground and that is to dominate!! They'll do anything they can to be "King of the Hill" Instead of putting more wear and tear on the playground equipment they are more focused on bullying the Allergenics. They want everyone in that playground to know "THEY ARE THE BOSS". So these guys don't just threaten...they are bullies. They knock down other Allergenics and send a message to the whole world of fungi that they are in charge here. They don't play on the equipment they destroy it. They don't want Allergenics to have any fun on the playground because their only mission is to dominate the playground.
Their parents always give them a unique name at birth like Butch or Snoozer, Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Chaetomium. Most of the time these fungi have no other friends. They don't play nice with anyone other than themselves.
When a new "Toxigenic" with a "NEW NAME" enters the playground you better believe there is going to be a school-wide fight on the playground.  Now all the other Allergenics are scared and cheering and the teachers are called in.  The two toxigenics by (different names) are fighting for dominance over the playground and they won't stop until they ruin the playground and kill each other.  The only way for them to do this is to become BIGGER and BADDER than they were before so they call in for backup.  They call in other toxigenics who originally were not their friends but have the same name (Stachybotrys etc.) and they rally for more and more Stachy soldiers to fight off the Aspergillus bullies so they can be the ONLY bully left on the playground.
The teachers are called in and have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO to stop the fighting so they do their best and try to "inject" Allergenics (allergy shots, antigenic therapies) into the crowd...maybe that will quiet down the bunch...but no, all it does is aggravate the Toxigenics even more.

Teachers that were supposed to protect the playground are still letting in more Toxigenic bullies into the playground like Penicillium and now Chaetomium and the fight gets so out of control that the playground is nearly destroyed. 
So what can the teachers (or doctors) do?  They come up with another idea...maybe if they create a distraction like (say it's all in your head, give you supplements, tell you to just avoid the bullies (mold) maybe this will work.  But to no avail.  Nothing is working. 
It's not until someone goes for help who KNOWS how to break up a real fight between the playground and a Toxigenic bully do things heal, disperse and begin to have balance again.  The principle shows up with the right amount of authority to lead the teachers and explain to them just how to control the toxigenic bullies.  The Toxigenics see the principle and now get scared.  They stop fighting, are sent back to the principles office and are put in their place.  The principle sets them straight and they get counseling and eventually end up adapting back into the real world and stop trying to go to playgrounds and wreak more havoc. 
The playground (or your body) is now at peace.  Yes, there will always be alllergenics...the world is filled with lots of molds and fungi and our bodies (if taken care of) will keep the peace but we should always prevent bullies from coming into the playground.  They are never welcome.
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