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Sunday, August 10 2014

This week was rough but this weekend even harder.  I started a new "holistic" treatment and this morning it made me feel very ill.  I am hoping it eases up but so far it's 4:15pm and symptoms have not eased up.

A woman from church had recommended we try "monolaurin" for lyme.  I had never heard of it so I researched it and also found out it kills two strains of toxic mold and the epstein barr virus.  I am very hopeful.

It's really hard to continue some of these treatments when they make you feel so ill.  Your body tells you to "stop" but your mind tells you to "go". 

Just going to keep my eyes on "health".  I think at this point it's all I can do.

Thank you for taking time out of your life to pray for me.

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Sunday, August 03 2014

August 2014 I am left with these symptoms which I hope one day will go away. 

Some daily brain fog
A few days a week now I have vertigo
Heart palps are only a few days a week
Chronic Fatigue is still present but getting better
Anxiety attacks are now only about once per month
Numbness is daily but I was told this could be permanent
Weakness in legs doesn't seem to be improving...but I am hopeful.


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