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Look for these symbols when purchasing produts.

Sources for Organic Meats and Vegetables

Below are some great sources for grassfed or pastured meats.  With food delivery popularity on the rise it is becoming easier now more than ever to have access to these healthy healing meats right at your doorstep.  These are just a few of the companies that I have used for myself.

Vital Choice Seafood

Founded in 2001 on the premise that wild Alaskan salmon is nature's most perfect food, Vital Choice has grown into a trusted source of premium wild seafood from healthy, well-managed fisheries around the globe. Since their first day in business, they've sold only sustainably-caught seafood, donated a portion of their profits to planet-protecting programs, employed environmental strategies throughout their shipping operations, and treated their employees, suppliers, and customers right. Along the way they've acquired a fan club of nutrition and medical experts, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Dr. William Sears.

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US Wellness meats or (Grassland Beef)

Our healthy meat has developed a healthy following.

It turns out that what’s good for animals and the planet is also good for you. Our meat is tender and tasty, but it doesn’t have all the excess fat of animals fed with grain in confinement. It’s full of nutrients that can only come from a fully grass-fed diet—omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and CLA—and free of all the pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics that are found in grain-fed beef. With so much to love , our loyal customers include everyone from professional chefs and pro athletes to home cooks, those on special diets, and parents and kids.

Visit the Eat Wild website: