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Phaze Mold Diet Research Program


This program has a $240 value, but is FREE for those who meet all of the qualifications and are accepted into the research study program

PhazeMoldDiet, a SurvivingToxicMold project, is coordinating a 12-month study for 20+ participants who are interested in committing an entire 12 months of their diet to the PhazeMoldDiet program.  The purpose of this 12-month research study is to gather data on success rates for certain criteria in a wide range of different types of people with different variables and environments.  

Acceptance into the research program will require strict, daily monitoring as well as weekly required online 40 minute accountability meetings.   Below are the following criteria that "MUST" be required in order to participate in the 12 month long research study.

  1. You must present either a confirmed "toxic mold" mold test from either a home, office or school where you have been exposed, OR you must present proof of a positive CIRS clinical diagnosis, elevated mycotoxin urine panel, or other related mold-type testing confirmation such as fungal/yeast infections. OATS markers, GI-map tests, toxic mold species allergy tests are also acceptable.
  2. MUST commit 12 full months of your diet to the PhazeMoldDiet program.  (3 meals per day + 1 snack optional)
  3. CANNOT cheat - This includes eating foods that are NOT on the list of the current "Phaze" you are in. (Doing this will skew the research project, making it void)
  4. MUST not have severe food allergies (This would be persons who are limited to 3 or 4 things they can eat and cannot follow elimination or reintroduction practices)  Most people with mold exposure have some sort of food "intolerances" (example: "I get a stomach ache when I eat cucumbers" or "I get a rash when I eat eggs"), so this does not count.  You will not be required to eat foods you are intolerant to...however, intolerances and "severe food allergies" are much different.  This study is not for persons suffering from severe food allergies that need medically-trained supervision.
  5. MUST have the ability to purchase organic produce (access to and finances)
  6. MUST have the ability to purchase grassfed meats or wild caught fish (access to and finances)
  7. MUST have internet and zoom access
  8. MUST commit to logging your daily meals and snacks into an online database form each day
  9. MUST not be vegan or vegetarian
  10. MUST be over 18 to participate
  11. Participants can be completely out of mold OR still living in mold
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