Mold thrives in even the smallest grain, starch,carbohydrate and sugar environment. They use sugars in all forms and grains for survival energy to grow and multiply

This is a "*6-12" month Strict Diet
(*Individual results will vary - participants see better results by staying in "month 3/strict detox" for up to 6 or more months)  

(Unfortunately Cheating during the 6 month Mold Detox Diet will result in continued mold growth in the body
Month #1: Sugar Weaning
  • No refined sugars - Listed HERE
  • Mold Detox Juicing - Once a week - You can get the recipe HERE

Wean yourself off of ALL refinded sugars.  This includes crystal sugar, brown sugar, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and more.  Check here for a FULL LIST of hidden sugar "names" in the industry.  Hint: most packaged foods have refinded sugar so in this month phase you should begin to avoid all packaged foods.

The first month just concentrate on learning about how sugar is hidden in everything we eat and how to detox yourself from sugar. 

Month #2: Remove Moldy & High Histamine Foods

  • No refined sugars - Listed HERE
  • No Moldy Foods - Listed HERE
  • No High Histamine-Producing Foods
  • Mold Detox Juicing - 3 times per week - You can get the recipe HERE

Month #3: Strict Detox - Starving out mold and Candida, reducing reactions and increasing the body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

FOODS NOT TO EAT (during strict detox month 3)

  • No refined sugars - Listed HERE
  • No Moldy Foods  - Listed HERE (no grains at all including corn, no soy, no yeast, no cheese, no mushrooms, no malt, no wine, no coffee, no chocolate, no peanut butter, no cashews, no hazelnuts, no teas, no bottom feeder seafood, no tilapia fish, no farm raised fish and also no eggs or meat that have been fed a grain diet.)
  • No High Histamine-Producing Foods - 
  • Minimize intake of Oxolate-Producing Foods (once a week is best)
  • No natural sugars (no molasses, no honey, no stevia, no xylitol, no cane sugar, no beet sugar, no fruit sugars, no agave, no rice sugar, no potato sugar, no arrowroot, )
  • ONLY Allowed fruit: (green apple, lemons, limes, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mango and avocados only).
  • No Sweeteners period - (no aspertame, no splenda, no stevia, no honey)
  • No Grains at all - (Corn, Oats, Barley, Wheat, Rices, Quinoa)
  • No Coffees, Black Teas, Tea Bag Teas, Juices

FOODS TO EAT (during strict detox month 3)

  • *See chart below: (organic grass fed meats, only fresh wild caught fish like salmon, fresh organic (non histamine and non oxolate) vegetables should make up about 80% of your diet during month 3. 
  • I recommend juicing the "Mold Detox Diet Juice" at least once a day if not twice.  You can see the recipe here

Month #4: Immune System Rebuild

  • Eat only the foods in Month #3 and #4 on Strict Detox but you can re-introduce and add the following (Immune System Fighting Foods to this month)
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Green Tea (Organic Only) up to 3 cups a day
    • Eat some kind of organic/grassfed/pastured bone broth twice per week
    • Elderberrys
    • Acai Berrys
    • Watermelon - watermelon also has plenty of a powerful antioxidant, glutathione. Known to help strengthen the immune system so it can fight, glutathione is found in the red pulpy flesh near the rind. (especially good...replenishes electrons)
    • Cabbage - soups, salads etc.
    • Citrus - Lemon, Lime, **Grapefruit (especially good...replenishes electrons), Orange, Tangerines
  • Continue the "Mold Detox Diet Juice recipe" HERE

  Month #5: Safe Grain Re-introduction:  No moldy grains

  • Eat only foods from Month #3, #4 and now you can add (safe grains)
  • No moldy foods,
  • Stay away from all processed foods (including processed dairy and cheeses) only RAW
  • Low Inflammation grains - Organic (Gluten Free) Oats, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Quinoa 
  • Mold Detox Juicing - Once a week - You can get the recipe HERE

Month #6: Fruit & Natural Glucose Re-Introduction

  • Everything in Month #3, #4, and #5 plus now add in:
  • No refined sugars - only Natural Sugars like Fructose from organic fruits, Molasses, RAW Honey, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Maple Syrup, RAW (green colored) Stevia
  • Slowly add more fresh fruit to your diet (do not go overboard here)

Whole30, GAPS, Paleo, BulletProof, sugar free/grain free, Glulten-Free diets are recommended on a permanent basis.  *NOTE: Vegan and Vegetarian Diets are NOT recommended for anyone suspecting fungus, mycotoxin or mold overgrowth in the body.  Good Fats especially certain forms of animal fat are essential as building blocks to restore cellular function, DNA repair and in some cases myelon damage most commonly found in MS.

  • WOW!! WHY?...............Unfortunately after being exposed to toxic molds your body will be susceptible for life with Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins and Trichothecenes found in food.  Your body will have "heavy antibodies" against these molds in the future and a lot of our food supply has small traces of toxic molds in them.
  • Also, it will be easier for Candida to get out of control "very quickly" in persons previously exposed to Toxic Molds.  (Sometimes it only takes 3 weeks of eating carby foods AGAIN to get a "MASSIVE" yeast, candida or new fungal infection in persons previously exposed to toxic molds). This is why I highly recommend any of the following diets above as a maintenance "for life' protocol.

Mold Exposure & Nutrition

People who have been exposed to toxic mold have impaired digestion. Improving their digestion improves their nutritional status and also improves their detoxification abilities. Mold also affects a persons short-term memory and executive function. This presents a challenge when it comes to convincing people to improve their nutritional status and detoxification.  I've created this portion of my site that tries to explain and offers pre-made recipes and food buying guides to grasp the concepts and then being able to implement the required changes so that healing is easier.

Being exposed to Mold can Cause Food Sensitivities

You may not know but being exposed to toxic molds can cause food sensitivities..I don't have the time to go into all the details here on the Mold Detox page but trust me once you feel the effects of a food allergy you'll know what I'm speaking of.  Let's hope you don't suffer as I have suffered.  For that reason I recommend downloading Dave Asprey's "BulletProof Food Detective" app.  You can download it HERE and get more information about this awesome tool for finding hidden food reactions as you approach this Mold Detox Diet.

Meal Planner that I use

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to EatPlant To Eat honestly is the most awesome tool I have ever used on the internet that let's me customize my meal plan according to my diet restrictions and plan breakfasts, lunches and dinners (even snacks) that correlate with my Mold Detox Diet.  Sometimes a one-size fits all approach does not work when going on a detox diet.  Some might have food sensitivities that others may not have and so on. 

With this tool I am able to 100% costomize my meals and schedule them perfectly so that I don't cheat and my mold-free goals become more of a reality instead of relying on my will power or lack of meal planning to get me through this detox period.  GO HERE or click on the banner above and you can usually get a 30-day free trial then it's only $4.95 a month thereafter...like I said, nothing has ever made this whole mold detox diet more simple than Plan To Eat has for me.

Foods to Eat

Always seek out: Organic, grass fed, pastured eggs/chicken, Non GMO, No preservatives, No colors added, No sugar added, No Carageenan, No Soy, No Corn, No Gluten etc.

Drinks & Beverages
Filtered water
I highly recommend Berkey Water Filtration systems
Spring Water (preferably straight from the stream using glass containers not plastic) Find a spring close to you HERE
Hemp Milk
Pacific brand "Original flavor" has no sugar, no preservatives and no carrageenan. 
Unsweetened Almond Milk with (No carageenan or sugar) Vanilla is ok.  Seems that only Silk or Almond Breeze meet these criteria BUY HERE
Saffron Tea (Detoxifying Properties)
Milk Thistle Tea
(Detoxifying Properties)
Fats & Oils: Good Fats
Organic Grass-Fed Unsalted Butter
Organic Grass-Fed Ghee (clarified butter) BUY HERE
Organic (Cold Pressed ) Olive Oil
Coconut Oil Organic
(Cold Pressed ONLY) 

Organic Flax Seed Oil

Organic Sesame Seed Oil


Nuts & Seeds 

Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds

Protein Foods / Organic / Pastured / Meats: 


Organic-Pastured Poultry
Pastured Chicken Eggs
No farm raised fish, no fish from the Gulf of Mexico, only fish from Ocean
Salmon - You can buy Wild Alaskan Organic Salmon HERE

TUNA - You can buy Wild Caught Organic TUNA HERE

Sea Bass

Halibut - You can buy WildOrg anic Halibut HERE

Ground Beef (Grass-Fed pastured)
Beef Cuts (Grass-Fed pastured)
Vegetables (fresh or frozen): Must be ORGANIC
  • All vegetables are eaten plain except with the
    allowed oils or fats and/or organic garlic.   
  • No sauces or bread coating. 
  • GOOD TIP:  You can cut up vetables and make
    MANY soups for a month and freeze..then warm
    up to eat quickly.
  • This is only a list that we've compiled...please check
    the carb content in grams of your desired vegetable to see if it may be able to be eaten on the detox diet.
**ALWAYS wash your raw vegetables in a water solution with 2 tblsp of baking soda to kill off any fungus that may be on the vegetables.
Leafy Greens
Colllard Greens
Swiss Chard
Turnip Greens
Boston Lettuce
Bibb Lettuce
Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage
All Other Vegetables
Orange Pepper
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Any/All squash and/or Gourds
Bok Choy
Green Apple **
Limit of ONE per day.
  Can be eaten alone, in salads or used in our MOLD DETOX juice by cutting apple in 3 pieces and spread betwen 3 cups of juice.  Get the juice recipe here
Berries (Any kind) *be extra careful for berries as they mold quickly.  wash berries in baking soda before eating.

Mangos contain a special component, mangiferin, that improves blood sugar control blood glucose levels were reduced in both males and females who consumed mango.
  ALL Other fruit should be avoided for a minimum of 6 weeks.  After week 7 slowly incorporate one additional fruit per day, and start with the fruits lowest in sugar first.


Herbs and Spices:  ONLY!!

Garlic (fresh) ORGANIC
Cayenne Pepper (Organic only):  Not to be confused with white pepper or black pepper.  (Read the study here)
Pink Himalayan Salt *Sea salt is good, but has high concentrations of metals and pollutants nowadays.
Licorice/Licorice Root
(Read Benefits HERE)
Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Extract (100% pure only) There is no known record of vanilla bean having mold or myotoxins.


HERBS: ONLY Home grown (OUTDOORS ONLY/Organic)
allowed.  Buying herbs and spices from a store or that are
not immediately harvested carry mold toxins.

  • Organic Herbs that can be grown "OUTDOORS" in pots. 
    • Basil
    • Oregano
    • Chives
    • Cilantro
    • Tarragon
    • Lavender
    • Lemon balm
    • Lemon verbena
    • Marjoram
    • Mint
    • Oregano
    • Rosemary,
    • Sage
    • Thyme

Starch:   Absolutely none.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid 4 kinds of foods:

  • Foods that carry mold or mycotoxins

  • Foods that feed mold in the body and help it grow (glucose, sugar, carbs)

  • Foods that add a toxic load to your immune system: (pesticides, GMO, artificial colors/preservatives)\

  • Foods that alter the endocrine system:  Estrogenic Foods (soy etc., processed foods)


No Sugar
No Alcohol 
No Coffee
No Chocolate        
No Pastas      
No Wheat
No Grains
No Breads     
Limited Fruit
No Starch
No Sweeteners
No Premade Spices or Herbs
No Dyes
No Preservatives  
No Pesticides
No Vinegars    
No Yeast
No Beans
No Nuts except Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans
No Seeds except Sesame and Pumpkin
No Spicy Food
No Unhealthy Fats
No processed meats
No shellfish

Refined Sugar:

White Sugar
Brown Sugar
High Fructose Corn Syrup
and many many more

Simple/ Complex Carbohydrates: 
(No Simple sugars):

Cane sugar, beet sugar, date sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, molasses, and dextrose. 

(No hidden sugar foods):

Canned, bottled, boxed and other packaged and processed foods often contain refined sugar products.  Grains, breads and pastas are from grains no exceptions. 

Avoid Cashews, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, These nuts have a higher concentration of molds and mycotoxin because of the way they are stored and harvested. 

No Chocolate or Cocoa of any kind during strict detox.  Cocoa beans and chocolate are known to produce Ochratoxin A Mycotoxins during storage.  This is considered a "toxic moldy food".  Read Scientific Data HERE

NO beverages except SPRING or PURIFIED or FILTERED water, No alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, whiskey, gin, vodka, etc.  Also avoid cider, root beer, chocolate, coffees and MOST teas (there are exceptions in the tea category.  Research teas that are antifungal or are detoxifying as those will probably be safe and not carry a risk of mold or mycotoxin contamination.)  Coffees have mycotoxins and Teas also have high levels of mold and mycotoxins.

No Vinegars
Contrarty to what is being promoted as a "health product", vinegars are not good to ingest in people that have been exposed to toxic molds.  In general these products can offer health benefits but ONLY to people who were not otherwise exposed to toxic fungi.  See, vinegars are made from moldy grains.  *It is ok to clean with vinegar but try not to ingest vinegar during the 3-month strict detox. 


No condiments containing vinegar.  These include ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, picante sauce, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, sauerkraut, pickles, and olives.  Etc.


No malted products such as malted milk drinks, candies and some cereals. 


Processed Meats: 

No pickled and cured meats and fish including sausages, hot dogs, corned beef, pastrami and pickled herring and all lunch meat.  No MSG found in processed food.

Milk and Milk Products (mucous forming): 
No milk
No sour cream
No cream cheese
No cottage Cheese
No coffee creamers

No fermented products (for 6 months straight) *use probiotics instead during the detox period
No Kefir
No Yogurt
No Kombucha
No Saurkraut
No Sourdough breads

No "Grain-Based/Sugar containing" Milk substitutes
No Soy Milk (has beans)
No Almond Milk unless it is homemade (store bought has sugar)

Cheeses (mucous forming and fungis/mold forming)
sharp cheddar, Roquefort, Swiss, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, nondairy products (coffee creamer), cream, parmesan cheese or grated cheese, etc. 

Fruit:  No fresh Fruit except berries and GREEN apple, no canned fruit, no dried frozen fruit and fruit juices, fruit candies, fruit flavorings


No yeast leavened breads and rolls, donuts, pizza dough, sour dough products, and no crackers and no cereals.
No nutritional yeasts.


No Coconut Flour
No ArrowRoot Flour
No Starch
No CornStarch
No Potato Flour
No Rice Flour
No Quinoa Flour
No Gluten Free Flours

Grains & Grain products (grain products are both FUEL for mold spores and Candida and also contain traces or high amounts of myxotoxin producing molds)

No Corn
No Oats
No Wheat
No Amaranth READ MORE

Edible Fungi
No mushrooms, morels or truffles of any kind. 

Starchy Vegetables

Take special precaution with vegatables/foods that tend to have excess mold or high in starch.  No potatoes, sweet potatoes, no peas, no beets etc. should not be eaten during "3 month strict detox" period.


NO Beans or Legumes

- Beans and legumes can carry aflatoxins in small traces, however their carb content is high..remember mold feeds off of sugars of any kind.



NO SHELLFISH OR BOTTOM FEEDERS - This seafood feeds off of the waste products that fall to the bottom of the ocean and have an over abundance of bacteria.


Pork has nitrates, high sodium, parasites and bacteria.

Check out this "Mind Blowing" time lapse video of slime mold feeding off of "OATMEAL". 

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