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Saturday, August 03 2019

It's official.  The keys were handed over and the house was foreclosed on.  Who would have seen these series of events being able to take us down to this level?  I never in a million years ever thought I'd be homeless and here I am.  

Everything that was non-porous we cleaned, decontaminated and used my saving possessions list to navigate.  All of those items are now in a climate controlled storage.  

The only possessions we can bring in the car are basically our essentials because the back of the car is where we need to sleep.  

The first night was rough...I cried myself to sleep while my husband just blank stared into the ceiling of the back of the SUV.  What are we going to do now?  As any human being would do we are in crisis mode and scrambling for any resemblance of rescue we can possibly come up with.   It's looking grim as every idea we try to come up with takes us to a brick wall.  

All I can say is that tomorrow just has to be better.  

with love


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