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Monday, March 04 2019

It's only fair that I share as much as I can without being a cry baby and trying to keep my big girl pants pulled up. Last year my "fiance at the time", lost his pretty decent paying job at the age of 62. This was a massive blow because little did we know that even though there are supposed laws saying that jobs cannot discriminate against age they ALL do it...and they all do it differently. Some of them just ignore your resume, others will go so far as to take you all the way through 4 interviews so they don't get accused of not trying to hire older employees..but then they never ever intended on hiring that person anyway. They'll always hire the younger guy. My husband has a 40 year solid work history working jobs at the executive level...with a degree. He went about 6 months with no job which meant no house payment. The mortgage company filed foreclosure so we are trying to figure out what our options are from here. 

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